Fletch assisted me with raising my performance by helping me understand others perception of my leadership skills. This improved my awareness of my strengths and opportunities, enabling me to become a more effective leader. His experience as a CEO in healthcare gives him a deeper understanding of the issues I was facing.  He is also very fun to work with!

Dr. Bernie Klein
Chief Executive, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center (CA)

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HLCNW Mission Statement:  We promote excellence in Healthcare by providing professional just-in-time expert business coaching and consulting, transforming one leader, one team, at a time.

John Fletcher, MBA

Founding Director & Executive Coach

John Fletcher, MBA, is an experienced former Health System CEO with specialized expertise in senior executive transitions – new position, new supervisor, new organization, or merger – as well as the development of a strong, sustainable leadership culture during times of change.  His unique mix of clinical program expertise and success in senior leadership roles gives him a dual perspective into the unique challenges facing healthcare leaders on a daily basis.

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Deb Crossland, RN, MN

Founding Director & Executive Coach/Consultant

As an experienced Talent Management executive, Deb Crossland, RN, MN, has dedicated herself to excellence in healthcare leadership.  Her experience includes over 30 years as a practicing Registered Nurse, certification as an executive coach and guidance to a 12 billion dollar, 35 hospital Healthcare System as a Talent Management executive. She has successfully coached hundreds of high-potential healthcare professionals in career advancement, team effectiveness and the successful navigation of leadership transitions as they prepare themselves and their organization for succession.

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Larry Schecter, MD

Founding Director & Executive Coach/Consultant

Compassion, empathy, deep listening, unconditional positive regard for the client….these are the hallmarks of excellence in coaching. Add to that four decades of teaching, mentoring and coaching in the world of healthcare, with a particular focus on practicing physicians and physician leaders, and you begin to understand Dr. Lawrence Schecter and his desire to continue to serve patients and physicians and bring pioneering perspectives to the delivery of health care. 

Partnering with individuals committed to the change necessary to become their best selves, Larry brings to bear the evocative nature of coaching, helping the client gain awareness of their challenges, identify their desired behaviors and turn them into new, long lasting and successful traits. 

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